A Cool Tool to Beat Writer’s Block

A Cool Tool to Beat Writer's Block

Ever stared at a blank screen, struggling to find the right words (or any words at all)?


Writer’s block!

Here’s how to beat it…

  1. Get started (even if you don’t feel like writing, which you won’t).
  2. Keep going (even if the words suck, which they will).

Simple, right? 😀

What to Do If You’re Still Stuck?

Fake it. Seriously…

“Getting started and keeping going” is all there is to it. So the way to beat “blank screen syndrome” is to start pounding that keyboard, even if the words are gibberish at first.

Try it! And if you still need help, check out this awesome free training tool…

The Most Dangerous Writing App

Here’s How to Use It

Begin by selecting a session length (from 5 to 60 minutes) and hit “Start”…


Then you’re off…


It’s not called “dangerous” for nothing. Stop and you lose all the text…


Brutal? Absolutely! But that’s why it works. 😈

You soon learn how not to stop!

Bottom Line Takeaway?

“Get started” and “keep going” and you’ll never suffer from writer’s block.

Use The Most Dangerous Writing App if you ant. Or forget the app and just start pounding your keyboard. Either way…

The text you write will be surprisingly useful and get you on your way.

All the best,

Your friendly, neighborhood SoloHackers

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