How Marketing Agencies Can Leverage Trafeze to Help Clients Connect


It all started with a simple idea.

Create a way for solopreneurs to connect with other solopreneurs to help each other out.

What gave us the idea?

We’d seen time and again how some solopreneurs were getting fantastic traffic to their websites, thanks to a determined focus on a specific niche and audience. This set of solopreneurs, however, did not necessarily have products to sell.

We’d seen a second set of solopreneurs with great products that would suit those niches perfectly. But these solopreneurs had no real online presence, so no effective means of marketing.

And the two sets of people didn’t know each other.

Sometimes they’d bump into one another in forums or on social media. Occasionally, someone would take the time to research niche audiences or products and reach out. But that was far from the norm.

We created Trafeze as a vehicle to make it easier for those two sets of solopreneurs to find each other. Not just find each other, but make great “Win-Win” deals.

The fact that digital marketing agencies and consultants might also benefit from a service like Trafeze only occurred to us at a later stage.

After speaking with some marketing experts, we realized there is real potential here, too.

Influencer Search and Outreach for Brands

“Influencer Outreach” essentially happens when agencies and consultants work with brands to discover, for example, new sponsorship opportunities or potential blogging partners.

The brand wants to create a relationship with the influencer, who has an established, targeted audience.

That’s exactly what Trafeze does.

How could marketers take advantage of that?

Suppose you’re working with a New York company that manufactures a line of dog collars. Sure — you can search online for websites and bloggers talking about dogs and reaching dog owners.

But that can take a long time — and it’s tedious work. Search, check for quality content, check visitor numbers, social media reach… The list is almost endless.

Which is where the concept of Trafeze is inspired.


Because you simply search related terms to find a ready-made list of high-traffic, influential bloggers and content-site owners.

These are people who have already:

  • expressed their interest in partnering
  • built proven, vetted blog or website traffic, and/or social media influence.

In other words, you use Trafeze to find the perfect partners for your clients.

Think of the potential — opportunities for:

  • guest blog posts
  • display advertising
  • partnerships
  • sponsorships

You might even find influencers who have the potential to become brand ambassadors and evangelists!

How to Get Started With Trafeze

First, let’s be clear about one thing:

Trafeze is 100% free for everyone to use.

Interested in being approached by other brands to work together — like any solopreneur with high traffic?

Great! Sign yourself up as a “Traffic Seller.”

When it comes to working on behalf of your clients, we recommend that you create an individual “Traffic Buyer” profile for each brand. You can then easily reach out to interested traffic sellers on their behalf.


This is where we need your help.

Right now, Trafeze is only open to Traffic Sellers — those people with an established online presence.

We need to achieve a critical mass of 5,000 listings, to ensure a good depth of search for Traffic Buyers.

Only then will we allow other brands and advertisers to come in, create profiles of their own, and start searching through listings.

So: please share Trafeze with your audience. Invite every blogger and content-site owner to create their free listing. We can then begin matching them with some really fruitful deals.

We’re monitoring the quality of our listing search results. As soon as we feel that potential Traffic Buyers will be happy with what they find, we’ll declare Trafeze open for business!

So, why not help us to reach that critical point? After that, you’ll be able to find truly remarkable partners for your clients.

And that will mean you looking like a true marketing genius. 🙂

As Kim Garst said:

I love the theme behind the platform — together we are stronger! Terrific concept and it’s FREE! Check it out!