Short of New Stuff to Write About? Try This “QWIKI” Hack

Short of New Stuff to Write About?

Are you knowledgeable and passionate about a niche? Others would like to know what’s in your brain!   

Therein lies the rationale behind a classic way to build a profitable online business, one of the most consistently reliable ways for solopreneurs to succeed…

The Theme-Based Content Site (“TBCS”)

Most solopreneurs think about blogging when considering an online business.  For TBCS owners, that means less competition and a superior chance of success!  

As opposed to the fundamentally different format of blogging, a TBCS is based upon evergreen content.  

Evergreen Content

Each topical page is updated as needed (blogs would normally post separate updates).  TBCS’s are more attractive for search engines because they deliver the type of information that searchers generally want (i.e., detailed, up to date and all in one place).

Bloggers have a wider range of topics to write about.  They can cover the latest news, editorialize on the same subject with new spins, etc.  If they are great, they build a following.

When a “SiteBuilder” writes about a topic, there’s no need for a second page on it. They don’t editorialize on news, merely integrate what’s new.  

The problem? Running out of topics to cover!

Solutions to “I Don’t Know What Else to Write About”

1) Go “longer tail.”  A topic can always be broken down into sub-topics, and then sub-sub-topics. They aren’t searched as much, but there’s less competition.

Also, arranging pages into a logically-structured hierarchy, where each topic links to its sub-topics (and sub-topics to sub-sub-topics), flows “internal authority” up the chain for optimal search results.

2) Monitor RSS feeds, browse Amazon, cover “related topics” (listed at Google for every search result).

3) Our special tip of the day…

Hack Into the minds of Wikipedia Editors  

They’ve already done the “thinking” for you!  Here’s what to do…  

Search for your primary keyword at Wikipedia. For example, “dog training” (click on the link and follow along).

  • The Contents delivers new sections on how dogs learn and training methods. These can become whole new areas to cover.  
  • The See Also is full of wild cards. Most won’t fit (ex., “dog sports”), but a few may add interesting new directions (ex., “Reward system”).


Dig Deeper

Need more?  Click on relevant links and repeat the process.  Each link takes you to a fresh page, complete with new “Contents” and “See Also” boxes.

Read each page and take notes as you go. You should find enough topics to keep you going for months!

Bottom Line Takeaway?

Had a hard time building a profitable blogging business? Consider a Theme-Based Content Site. Evergreen content delivers higher volumes of search traffic, while still building a following and fitting in with social media, creating many ways to monetize. In short…

Blogging is an inherently more difficult approach to master.

The “advantage” will remain for as long as solopreneurs consider TBCS’s to be old-fashioned!