Solo ”Hack” Your Way to Success – ”A Hack-a-Day Keeps Failure at Bay!”


Trafeze is the granddaddy of all hacks. Think about it…

  • You have traffic, but no time to develop an income-multiplying product. Or…
  • You have a product, but no time to build targeted traffic and a marketing funnel.

It’s as simple as it is big! The solution is screamingly simple, too!

Hook up with a fellow solopreneur who has what you need (and vice versa)!

You reach out only to real people with real traffic or real products. So solopreneurs are all vetted — there’s no time-wasting. We’re making steady progress towards reaching the critical mass of 5,000 (which doesn’t sound like many, but the vetting process is severe!).

While the count moves towards critical mass for Stage II, here’s a terrific 2-in-1 business-builder…

SoloHacks, our new email subscription service, grows both your business and the Trafeze network!  

It delivers short (<500 words), sharp, actionable tips and strategies straight to your inbox. No single hack can super-charge your business like Trafeze. Matching highly successful solopreneurs is powerful and works where it counts the most…

On your bottom line!

That said, the simple, DO-able improvements of SoloHacks do add up!

Each SoloHack is built to to be done, not “read and forgotten.” It’ll leave you and your online business a little sharper than you were yesterday.

Read, absorb and apply many different types of hacks to your business, such as these…

  • A clever, enduring way to get more engagement on Twitter.
  • How to boost your newsletter open rate by 40% in seconds.
  • A simple and effective way to keep readers reading.
  • How to price a product.
  • The simple habit change to get more from social media.

We find ‘em, we boil ‘em down (to fewer than 500 words), and we serve them up on a silver platter to you. All you have to do is love ‘em and do ‘em…

It’s effective (only the best ideas make the cut!). It’s fast. It’s free forever. Just…




These are meant to be done, not forgotten. So if it doesn’t “fit” now, make a note “to do” it the very next time the opportunity arises (it’ll present within a day or 3).

Then get on with the rest of your day, a little sharper than you were when you got out of bed! 😀

Here’s How to Get Started…

Click here to sign up with your best email address.

You’ll receive one hack a day (Mon-Fri), then one hack every Monday.

They’ll never cost you even a penny. But they’ll make you many pretty pennies!

Does it sound good? Or great? Either way… Increase your growth as a solopreneur, one simple hack at a time.