How Solopreneurs Can Work Together to Achieve Greater Success

How Solopreneurs Can Work Together to Achieve Greater Success

At its most basic, Trafeze is caveman-simple to understand…

“I have a big targeted audience. You want to reach it. Let’s do business!”

image08But how does business happen in a practical, nuts-and-bolts way? How do solopreneurs with products and those with traffic find each other? What happens next? How does this process help to grow income for both parties?

Great questions!

We’ll have a lot of real-life case studies when we reach the critical mass of 5,000 high-traffic solopreneurs. That’s when we’ll have enough niche diversity to deliver successful searches to Product Sellers (solopreneurs who want to reach that traffic!).

For now, here’s a demo that uses real Trafezers. This is how it will work once we do reach that critical mass…

Trafeze Demo – How Precisely Does It Work?

Meet Our Product Seller…

Laura BrownLaura Brown is a writing-skills coach based in New York. She specializes in one-to-one writing coaching customized to the client’s needs.

Laura doesn’t know about Trafeze yet. When she discovers it, she sees a golden opportunity to drive more traffic to…

  • the services she sells through her website
  • her Udemy course on overcoming writer’s block.
Udemy Course


Here are the simple steps Laura goes through after registering with Trafeze…

Step 1: Search

Laura starts by entering her most important keyword in the search box and selecting all the audience-reaching opportunities that interest her. She’s open to all possibilities right now, so she checks all the boxes except for writing services (she’s not looking for someone to write content for her)…

Trafeze Search

She hits “Find My Traffic Sellers” and gets her results… 

Trafeze Search Results
So far, so simple!  The search results page gives a great overview, and she can click through to the full listing of sites with potential.

Five seconds of time invested and she has a list of high-traffic online businesses that she knows are seeking business partners!

Step 2: Evaluate

Laura sets about assessing each site. At first glance, Writing Help Tools’ audience looks perfect. The owner describes it as a “central directory of the very ‘best-of-class’ writing tools available on the Net.”

Trafeze Search Results Detail

That’s precisely what Laura offers through her book, course and services!

She clicks for the full Trafeze listing, reviewing additional info from the owner, ratings and reviews by other Trafezers and other useful info…


She now sees that this site is aimed more at people looking to generate income online, not the folks Laura usually works with. But she sees a clear connection, a possible new market!  

This is worth exploring so she clicks “Contact Me.” The Traffic Seller, knowing that this is a vetted Trafeze Traffic Buyer, is quick to reply. And off they go!

Laura makes a second high-potential discovery…

Without Trafeze, Laura wouldn’t have considered partnering with a business like Novel Writing Help. Visitors to this site would have zero interest in her business writing coaching.

But creative writers suffer from writer’s block (they’re famous for staring out the window and calling it work!). So this section of the site will be perfect for selling Laura’s Udemy course on overcoming writer’s block…

Overcoming Writer's Block

Laura’s course is the ideal “next step” after reading that page — particularly when it’s recommended by someone they trust. And Laura is thinking ahead to more than just placing an ad! A trusted, high-traffic site like Novel Writing Help could create an entire page about the course, could include it in its email newsletter, social media posts, etc.

The more Laura can rely on others to sell her course, the more she can focus on her coaching. And the Novel Writing Help Trafezer has been intending to sell his own products for years, but never found the time. We see a big WIN-WIN deal in their futures! 🙂

This flexibility is one of Trafeze’s biggest WIN-WIN advantages. And, even if you have no experience in how to put a high-ROI campaign of any sort together, Trafeze takes care of that, too. Step-by-step help and strategies are included, right down to simple agreements!

This is how larger businesses and the sharpest, very top-tier of solopreneurs do business. Now it’s within your reach, too. You’re leaving the land of low-ROI solopreneurism.

Two sites evaluated, two keepers!

For the next two sites, the link between Laura’s business and theirs is less obvious.

Best Speech Topics covers writing speeches. It looks great…


… but will visitors to that website suffer from writer’s block? Or will they need the services of a business writing coach?

Laura has her doubts. Ditto for Perfect Apology, a sensational site all about writing great “sorries”…


See that irrelevant ad about “space-saving ideas?” Some ads are worse, actually offensive! The owner of Perfect Apology is going to be delighted when that ad is replaced with an ad that’s relevant to the content! Regaining control of your site is another big plus of Trafeze.

So… does Laura see a fit? It’s too much of a stretch to think that a sufficient number of either audience would have a problem with writer’s block. But both sites have a business angle — business speeches and business apologies.

Nevertheless, Laura rules out Perfect Apology. Business apologies are too specialized. She can’t see enough of a connection between people who are searching for how to say sorry (even a business one!) and those who need a writing coach.

Best Speech Topics is a contender, though. People who have to give presentations in the office would have to write all sorts of other documents. That is where Laura’s services would come in.

Another potential partner for the shortlist!

Simple Resume Writing Instructions looks like another winner. It’s not the prettiest site on the Web…


And it doesn’t have as large an audience as some of the other sites. But it has solid, growing traffic and there’s a clear connection between their businesses.

The site provides excellent advice for employees looking to write a stand-out résumé. For anyone needing extra help, Laura offers customized coaching for career changers or job seekers looking for a competitive edge.

She adds it to her list, giving her 4 potential partners in total, one with a huge potential special opportunity.

Step 3: Reach Out and Talk Business

Laura clicks the Contact Me button on each site owner’s listing. She introduces herself and sets out how she thinks they could work together. From there, they communicate in any way they like. Trafeze does not tie them to its platform…

Your dealings are private, another plus for those who believe that their business is their business.

Introductory emails grow into Skype chats (or however they prefer to communicate). The written guidance from Trafeze is invaluable. Since both parties have the same information, there’s no room for BS or difficult negotiations — it’s all about getting to WIN-WIN deals.

Laura reaches deals with 3 of her potential partners…

Simple Resume Writing Instructions

This is a no-brainer for Laura and the owner. Their audiences are almost identical, so it’s not difficult generating leads for Laura’s one-to-one coaching.

They create a simple form together, complete with a warm endorsement of Laura’s services from the site owner. (Again, the help in Trafeze makes this a breeze!) Whenever a visitor completes this form, it’s forwarded to Laura and the site owner.

Laura pays the owner a finder’s fee for each successful client sign-up.

They trust each other implicitly (hey, they’re friends now!). They also know that the Ratings and Reviews inside Trafeze keep everyone on their best behavior. And although it’s not necessary (Laura doesn’t have a dishonest bone in her body!), the online help shows the site owner a simple and discreet way to make sure she’s getting paid all that she deserves.

Final resort? Verified reports of dishonesty result in expulsion from Trafeze.

Writing Help Tools

Laura suspected a mismatch here — turns out she was right!

There was no mismatch between the solopreneurs, though. They had a lot of fun getting to “no deal.” Putting fun aside, each now has a new contact. And contacts have a way of connecting dots to new business down the road.

Best Speech Topics

Although this site is aimed at a wide audience (anyone needing help with making a speech), it has enough of a business-specific audience to persuade Laura to become its first sponsor.

Together, they craft an ad to appear in the sidebar, which links to a new editorial page about the value of writing coaching in business. This page sends warmed-up visitors to Laura’s services page.

Laura and the owner agreed on an initial 6-month term — long enough to make setting up the sponsorship content worthwhile, but short enough that neither party is tied to an agreement that doesn’t work out.

So far, it’s looking like a strong WIN-WIN!

Novel Writing Help

Last but not least, those blocked fiction writers!

Although the owner of Novel Writing Help loved Laura’s Udemy course, he thought they could do better. He proposed recommending a similar course to his audience — one specifically tailored to creative writers. And not one with such a small price tag, either!

They worked together to customize the content of Laura’s course, private-labeling it to Novel Writing Help. They cut out Udemy by hosting it on an independent platform, each with access.  Novel Writing Help developed an email campaign and a webinar to launch it. They agreed on a 50-50 split, since most of the content came from Laura but Novel Writing Help will be driving most of the traffic.  

Big WIN-WIN. Laura revives her product and Novel Writing Help has one!

And That’s Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Laura made all these business deals from one simple search in Trafeze. Searches for other keywords (like “business”) will yield many more opportunities.

There will be more opportunities, too, as new Traffic Sellers join Trafeze. Periodic repeats of the same searches will find new opportunities.

Speaking of traffic sellers…

They don’t have to sit back and wait for traffic buyers to reach out to them. They can search Trafeze, too, just like Laura did above, and make deals in exactly the same way!

The only difference is that they’ll search for folks with products of interest to their audiences.

Ready to get on board?

Apply To Trafeze Today

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