Solopreneurs: We have ONE Goal, and It’s HUGE. Are YOU In?

Solopreneurs: We have ONE Goal, and It's HUGE. Are YOU In?

Solopreneurs who use passive monetization (ads & affiliate programs) are being ground down. Today’s Internet giants treat them as their own indentured laborers. Enough!

Eliminate that, the biggest “scam” of all!

Trafeze wants to put you, the solopreneur, back in the driver’s seat, earning fair pay for the valuable, original content that you add to the Internet. What better way to do it than unify solopreneurs into a Monetization Network…

… a network that is “of, by and for solopreneurs” and that disintermediates the E-giants?

Turnabout is fair play!

Solopreneurs number in the tens of millions. The power of such a network would grow to be much like eBay’s. The solopreneur ecosystem would literally change the balance of power with companies like Google and Amazon…

Google AdSense? Only a unified network can win respect and improve payments. Do you remember when Google tried to add a “Back to Google Search” link on every AdSense ad? We do and will never forget it! It was an amazing insight into the “Do no evil” company.

And every time Google unilaterally rewrites the “Agreement” (ha!), it seems like solopreneurs lose a little more control AND make a little less money.

Take a look at their latest results. Whether you look at it year-on-year or quarter-on-quarter, paid clicks on Google websites increased nicely (37% and 9%). Paid ad clicks on non-Google sites flatlined or dropped (0% and -3%)…

Trafeze: Google Ad Clicks

Affiliate programs? Interest in those is down by over 80%…

Trafeze: Affiliate Programs

(Source: Google Trends).

And sure enough, it seems like every time the “Agreement” changes (ex., tighter rules to collect a commission), income is a little harder to earn.

Underlying it all, is the disrespect. Ignore the words (“valued partners”) and watch the actions. Do you remember when Amazon simply “fired” affiliates in certain states dues to nexus tax laws, rather than fight for their affiliates, many of whom depended on Amazon income? Where was the loyalty for affiliates who helped build Amazon?

Decide that enough is enough. Put aside the cynicism, open your window, lean out and scream …

Too much? OK, maybe.😉

But enough is enough. It’s time to unify and capitalize upon “strength in numbers.” Disintermediate the “BigCo’s” and enable solopreneurs to do business directly!