Trafeze: A Better Story for Solopreneurs

Online monetization stuck in a rut?

Can’t find your way out of the “same old story?”

Change The Story!

Trafeze puts control back into your hands.  Earn more and end over-reliance on “stacked-against-you” advertising networks and affiliate programs that pay less every year.


How Does Trafeze Work?

A story explains it best. Trafeze has just launched, so the story and characters in it are, of course, fictitious. Any resemblance to actual solopreneurs, living or barely getting by, is entirely deliberate. 😉

By the way, you can now join the Solopreneur Monetization Network.  On with our story…

Meet Mary from Hyannis, Massachusetts…


Mary is crazy about Cocker Spaniels. Training them, grooming them, keeping them in tip-top health — she covers it all on her website. And her thousands of daily visitors are crazy about Mary!

Trouble is, she thinks of her website as a, well, as a website. Not a business.

Sure, she makes the odd affiliate sale from Amazon. And the monthly AdSense check keeps her beat-up old Bug on the road (just).

Busted VW Bettle

She’d honestly hoped for better, though. The problem is that hope is not a strategy.

And now Mary has an idea for a video course: “The Complete Guide to Caring For Your Cocker.” She figures it’s her ticket out of Palookaville!

But between writing new articles for her website, daily Instagram posts and her weekly newsletter — not to mention the dogs, three misbehavin’ boys and energy-sucking shifts at the 7-Eleven — that project is not likely to happen! NO TIME!

When Mary hears about Trafeze, she’s not hopeful. Why would a “real” business, one with a dog product, be interested in Mary and her small army of Spaniel-loving addicts?

She has no idea how attractive that audience is to someone with the right product. And there are lots of these someones out there. But where?

Still, she has nothing to lose. She does have traffic and Trafeze says someone (there’s that “someone” again!) would love to meet her.

So she registers and takes a few minutes to say something about herself, her website and her business goals. It’s free…

What’s the worst that could happen?

Enter Bob from Vista California…

Mary doesn’t know Bob — not yet. Bob also loves his animals. They’d get on if they met, though. That’s unlikely since they live 3,000 miles apart. Or is it?

Besides caring for two Golden Retrievers, Bob scrapes a living painting portraits of pets from photos. Cats, the odd horse, even a crested gecko once. But mainly dogs.

Bob Painting

There’s not enough demand for Bob’s services locally — not in Vista. His pet portrait website has generated just fifteen commissions in three-and-a-half years.

Two were from his mother.


Bob’s tried everything to drum up trade — blogging, YouTube videos, buying ads, you name it. Nothing worked. So when he discovers Trafeze, he finds out that there are actually some people (“solopreneurs”) who build sites with high traffic.

He figures it’ll come to nothing, like most everything else. But at least it won’t cost him anything to reach out to a few folks with animal websites. What’s the worst that could happen?

Mary Hears From Bob…

Bob is the third potential business partner Mary finds through Trafeze, but he’s the first one she contacts. The other opportunities sounded interesting. They just weren’t right for her.

But Mary knows that her site’s visitors and her social media followers not only love photos of cocker spaniels, they each seem to have thousands of photos with their 4-legged family members.

Bob is extremely talented, capturing owner and dog beautifully. Surely some of them would love to convert a favorite pic into a gorgeous painting?

Mary hates negotiating. She wouldn’t haggle in a carpet bazaar. But with help and advice from Trafeze, plus the fact that Bob contacted her, “talking business” is surprisingly easy.

Fun, even.

They exchange a few emails, then meet up on Skype to seal the deal — a 40:60 profit share on every customer Mary sends to Bob. At an average price of $400 per painting, she’ll earn $160 per sale.

Trafeze helps them get the deal down in black and white, leaving Mary and Bob free to enjoy being friends and partners.

He even invites her to meet his Golden Retrievers one day. If she’s ever passing through, um, Vista California.

Mary gets to work on her “Suitable for Framing” landing page.

The Story Doesn’t End There…

Over time, Trafeze sends Mary more business partners. Her visitors love the range of hand-picked products and services she recommends.

Mary averages $500 per month on Bob’s paintings alone. And she has 3 other product lines, with a big opportunity that would be her fourth. Mary is becoming a businesswoman.

Bob, too, partners with more pet-related businesses. A cat site, horse site, even a reptile site. But mainly dogs.

Not every introduction ends in a deal. But at least Bob and Mary have the confidence of knowing that they’re dealing with genuine business people, even if they can’t always agree on the terms.

Best of all, Trafeze never takes a cent in fees or commission. So when Mary or Bob make a business deal, they know that every cent of profit will remain with them and their partner.


This Is Where YOU Come In…

Mary and Bob may be fictitious, but there are thousands of real “Marys” and “Bobs” out there — you’re most likely one of them.  Sure, your circumstances are different, but we’re all solopreneurs in search of the same thing…

A better, fairer, saner, smarter, more profitable way to do business online. Together.

You see, going solo doesn’t have to mean going it alone…

“Alone” leaves you at the mercy of diminishing ad-dollar payouts and stacked affiliate deals from the BigCo’s. “Together” means power to the little guy — you, Mary, Bob and the thousands of solopreneurs just like you.

When your business is stuck in a rut and you can’t find your way out of it — no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try — it’s time to try something different.

Trafeze is that difference!

Join the solopreneur revolution here.

P.S. Oh yes, Mary dropped Amazon and AdSense 6 months after starting with Bob. Two more solopreneurs with good-paying opportunities had found her.  The sense of freedom was worth as much as her growing income…

A Final Note…

We wrote this post on the day that Trafeze first opened for registration. Trafeze itself is simple to explain. But only the power of “example by story” can catch the personal impact of how Trafeze feels.

There will be thousands of these stories soon. For now, this fictional account with fictional characters portrays a joyous, liberating product in action.

If you have a site with high traffic (that should be monetizing better), click here to join now.

If you sell products (or a service) and would like access to high-traffic sites that reach your target clients, we are not accepting full listings to the monetization network yet. But you can join the network and then indicate interest…

We’ll inform you when you can add a listing and search for high-traffic solopreneurs. You will be among the first to join this revolution in solopreneur monetization.

Spread the word! The sooner we reach critical mass, the sooner we begin!


  • Aww, I love this… and dogs, too! I so want in. Man what I could do in a place like this. Gotta go sign up. See you on the flip side. 🙂

  • You don’t have to post this. It’s for feedback. This is a very misleading post. It purports that Trafeze brought Mary and Bob together more than 6 months ago. That’s not possible. Trafeze didn’t exist and still doesn’t take buyers of traffic to this day. There is no way that Trafeze brought them together. You need to make it clear that this is hypothetical and not a real case study. Very, very misleading.

  • Great catch, Carl! I know you said we don’t HAVE to post your comment, but it’s a great catch and has a good lesson in it.

    It never occurred to us that the “Mary and Bob” story would be taken as an actual case study. I would guess that 99% of the folks who came to this page came due to the launch publicity. After all, this was also the first day for the blog. So we just expected that folks would “get it” right away.

    Now that you bring it up, though, we’ve added an introduction to clear up any potential confusion. It made us think of the future, when we won’t be in launch mode. Someone could be misled. By then, of course, we’d hope to have lots of real stories!

    It’s also a great lesson to think “what could go wrong?” Imagine if loads of people DID believe it to be real. Even worse, if it went viral. Just one person saying “hey this isn’t real” would turn a mob against us. Phew!

    Why did we explain Trafeze as a story at all?

    Trafeze itself is well explained on the home page. The concept could not be simpler. But, as for all explanations, it does not capture the emotional impact that we expect Trafeze to have on solopreneurs around the world

    A story would both explain and add the depth of the emotinal component. The pleasure that comes from discovering a kindred spirit, the building of a business that is NOT under the control of a mega-corporation…

    We expect Trafeze to be a joyous, liberating product.

    It faithfully represents real people, good people, solopreneurs who are doing well expect for that one final step, monetization… how they will use Trafeze to connect and do business together in ways that would otherwise be impossible.

    That said, we’re glad you gave us the opportunity to clear up the ambiguity. So thanks again, Carl!


  • Even though the story has been “corrected” it is still not clear that it is a made-up piece. When I first read it, I still interpreted it as a story that had “changed the names” of the characters to preserve their privacy. To avoid further misinterpretation I believe you would be wise in making a very explicit statement saying something like: “To make the Trafeze concept clear, we have invented the following story and persons to illustrate how our concept works. The story is pure fiction.” (Pure fiction should be with in bold face or all-caps).

  • Well, I’m naive and ever the eternal optimist. I actually thought the story was real. Of course I knew it wasn’t a connection made via the new (and exciting) monetization network that is Trafeze, but I DID think it was real because I’ve had these types of conversations/offers with other solopreneurs wanting to sell products via my website. I thought perhaps Bob and Mary were ahead of their time :). Trafeze will just make it easier for me to implement. In fact, I expect Trafeze will make this type of story a very real and very regular occurrence in the lives of thousands (heck, millions) of solopreneurs.

  • Great story. Fictional or not, this type of scenario happens everyday. A few short years ago, I started work on a website. There’s a couple of reasons I did this. Firstly, I wanted to work from home and secondly I wanted to earn some money.

    Today, many people from all over the world would like me to market their products on my website. Yes, it is flattering, but I have worked very, very hard to build this site,..which is still in its infancy, and I’m pretty picky about who I share it with.

    Trafeze is going to make my life SO much easier. I feel so privileged to be one of the first people, of perhaps millions, to experience this monetization system. I clearly see the potential and it is phenomenal. I hope many other people come forward and join me.

    It is time we as human beings TRUST one another – there are good people out there EVERYWHERE. Trafeze will help us to come together and lift one another up to be the best possible version of ourselves that we can be,

    It’s free, register and have a look around, If it’s not for you, unregister and go about your merry way.

  • That’s the vision, Margeurite! A lot of work to do on this big journey! One step at a time! Thanks so much for your support! 🙂

  • The fiction story has answered the need of many. Even though when I read it first it appeared real but then later put in logic after my emotions then said..Trafeze is starting. This is fiction.
    all said the timing was good and this idea is going great.

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